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Easy access with Lean Library

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Use the browser plugin Library Access from Lean Library to access the librarys' digital resources off campus. Lean Library gives you access to our collection of electronic books, articles and databases wherever you are.

How to get started:

The service does not work in Internet Explorer, or on mobile phones and tablets.

Got any questions or need help? Contact the library.

Remote access

To access all the electronic resources provided by the Library when you are not on campus, please remember to log in via the proxy server. 

Read more and log in here


Search in Google or GoogleScholar if you look for information you cannot retrieve from elsewhere. This may be information that is so new it has not been published in academic journals yet.

Tips: If you know the title of an academic article, the easiest way to retrieve the pdf is to search in GoogleScholar.


Full text databases

Other important fulltext databases from publishers and organisations

The worlds leading journals

Nature Online

Nature is one of the most cited scientific journals in the world. Nature publishes research on all fields within natural science and technology


Science Online

Science is published by “American Association for the Advancement of Science". Science contains news, chronicles and scientific articles on natural science.

Important interdisciplinary databases


Scopus and Web of Science are important databases we recommend for all SciTech subjects. 



More SciTech databases can be found here.        


Databases for Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Databases for Department of Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental Engineering

Databases for Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science


  • Other resources:

Standards from Norsk Standard


Databases for Department of Mathematics and Physics

Databases for Department of Safety, Economics and Planning

Databases for Department of Energy Resources

Department of Energy and Petroleum EngineeringDatabases for Department of Energy Resources

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