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Want to use LaTeX for your papers and thesis?

LaTeX is a typesetting system that you can use instead of e.g. Microsoft Word. It is a great tool when you are going to write a larger assignment or a thesis, especially if the document will contain a lot of mathematical equations and symbols. LaTeX provides you with excellent solutions for cross referencing and numbering of chapters, figures and tables, amongst others. The built-in algorithms ensures that the document will have consistent structure, high typographical quality and a professional look - LaTeX lets you focus on the content, not the layout. 

If you're just starting out with LaTeX, check out the University Library's workshops (Norwegian and English).

We use the editor Overleaf in our workshops and recommend it to our students and staff. Overleaf is an online editor that makes writing in LaTeX easier than before. They also provide great help pages, and useful templates. Make sure to register as a user before you join a LaTeX workshop. 

LaTeX 1: Introduction - Workshop resourses

Here you can find the presentation from the LaTeX 1 workshop held at the University Library, as well as suggestions as to how you solve the exercises given in the workshop. To use the exercise solutions, copy the text from the files into Overleaf. 

LaTeX 2: Thesis Writing - Workshop resources

The first file is the presentation used in the LaTeX 2 workshop at the University Library, and the rest are basic .tex files that together can be used as a template for a thesis/larger paper. At the end you find the last exercise referred to in the presentation. 

Need help with LaTeX?

Contact Academic Librarian Linn Elise Gulliksen. 

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Linn Elise Gulliksen
Academic Librarian for Science and Technology. Contact Librarian for IKBM and IMF. Coordinator for the Data Lab and the 3D lab. LaTeX and Tableau.
UiS Ullandhaug
Kjølv Egelands hus, KE A-282